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Rain or Shine Kids Item Collection

Down Pouch (Price: US$ 98.00)

【Adjust Strap】
Wrap the both straps to reduce space betwen around each shoulder strap that comes under arm while putting on the carier.It wil fit both stroler & carrier.

  • Water
  • Anti
  • Duck
    POINT to use:
  • 3WAY :Baby/Car/Stroll
  • Clip :It is easy to attach
  • Fluffy :Lining is used very soft plush fabric
  • Shell:Polyester 100%
  • Filling:Duck down 70%/Feather 30%
  • Lining:Polyester  100%
  • SIZE: approx.W58cm*H60cm

2018 NEW

Denim Navy

2018 NEW

Smokey Black

Weather Shield Carrier Cover
(Price: US$ 80.00)

You can use AL-SEASON. There is very warm detachable lining.No worry about bad weather.
Protect your baby from rain, snow, and strong wind!

POINT1Packable pocket! When not in use, you can carry everywhere

POINT2Roll up hood when not using

    How to use:
  • Breathability&Venting
  • Antifouling Efect
  • Exothermic Effect/Thermal Strage
  • Water-Repellent
  • FeelThermo/Breathatec

Insect Repellent Cape

Insect Shield: US Environmental Protection Agency Registered Method!

    POINT to use:
  • Safe for Babies: Insect Repellent Feature using safe material
  • Durable Feature: durable even after 70 times laundry wash
  • High Breathability: due to mesh material.
  • 2 WAY USE: (1).Baby Stroller / (2).Baby Carrier
  • POLYESTER 100%
  • size: W55cm*H58cm

In case you are interested in Mesh Cape (Repellent), please contact us about your possible order inquiry at here(Price: US$ 40.00): rainorshinekids.com@gmail.com
Thank you in advance!


Permethrin has been successfully used in the United States as an EPA-registered product since 1977, with an excellent safety record. Permethrin is used in lice shampoos for children, flea dips for dogs, and various other products, some of which are regulated by the FDA. The Insect Shield process uses a proprietary formulation of permethrin in a system, and the resulting repellency is so tightly bound to the fabric fibers of each garment that it lasts through 70 launderings.

Baby Carrier Bag
(Price: US$ 59.00)

It fits most baby carriers, such as Ergo and Boba.
You can always set around your baby carrier’s waist band (belt) . When your baby wants to walk, you can just roll carrier up into the bag. It is also easy to carry around!

    How to use:
  • 1, Attach the cover to the waist band.
  • 2, Place shoulder straps crossed over the main body.
  • 3, Roll down into the cover.
  • 4, Zip and close.
  • CORDURA® fabrics that is durable, water-resistant and has anti-fouling effect

Carrier Cover
(Price: US$ 85.00)

You can use for most strollers and baby carriers. It is easy to use with clips.
Design: Kangaroo pockets are very good for a parent to keep their hands warm. You can also put a small things in the pocket.
Breathable light, water-proof, Fluffy materials!

  • Outer shell
  • 100% Nylon
  • Inner
  • 100% Polyester (Fluffy materials)
  • Fill-Power600(Down 90%/Feather 10%)

(Price: US$ 69.00)

Keep your baby warm and snub with the RoSK Woobee Pouch. Front kangaroo pocket, side snaps for adjusting, and signature RoSK ribbon ties makes this your go to cover for all your baby gear.

  • Outer shell
  • 100% nylon(Water resistant)
  • Inner
  • 100% Plush polyester

(Price: US$ 49.00)

The original RoSK stroller blanket for active moms and dads. Water resistant and plush, it ties on to protect baby with all your out-n-about baby gear.

  • Outer shell
  • 100% nylon(Water resistant)
  • Inner
  • 100% Plush polyester

(Price: US$ 49.00) US$ 29.99
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There are zippered pockets backside of the muff. You can keep keys and a phone in it.

  • Outer shell
  • 100% nylon(Water resistant)
  • Inner
  • 100% Plush polyester