Item #: Pch02P

RoSK Fluffy Plush Pouch in Aqua/Pewter



Designed to be cozy and practical, the Pouch will be your favorite layer for the colder seasons. An elastic hem around helps keep the fluffy plush lining snug around baby, and allows the Pouch to expand to fit Ergo style carrier, larger strollers, and car seats. The snap tabs help to streamline the fit when using a Bjorn style carriers, smaller strollers and car seats. The kangaroo style front pocket is deep enough hold your phone, pacifier, key’s, etc., or give babies bum a little rub. This Pouch has lilac purple fluffy plush lining, a weather-proof pewter gray nylon shell, and coordinating striped ribbon ties.

The Pouch is constructed of 2 layers – a weather proof nylon backing (to block wind chill and protect against wet weather) and a soft and cozy plush faux fur liner. Please note that this product does not have an insulated layer and should be used as an extra layer in addition to the outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the temperature outside.

Additional information

Weight 1.70 lbs
Dimensions 15.00 x 12.00 x 2.50 in


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Item #: Pch02P

Works With:

  • stroller
  • carrier
  • carseat